• New York-based artist and animator.

• Recent grad from the School of Visual Arts BFA Animation program.


• Graduated in School of Visual Arts Animation Class of 2020 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

• Inspired by all sorts of cool things, from cartoons, to video games, to funny looking people.

• I seek to entertain people the same way these things entertained me- by instilling both hopeful and youthful joy and wonder in my artwork and cartoons.

• I've been practicing in my fields of expertise for over 10 years now, with experience especially within the field of pixel art.

Get in Touch!

• Got questions, work inquiries, or just want to say hello? I can be reached by any of the following:

Gmail | [email protected]
Twitter | @mitsamemario
Tumblr | miketona.tumblr.com

Character Design

Original Work

Designs created from scratch for personal projects or freelance

Visual Development

Various explorations for different design concepts

Derivative Work

Small-scale projects and fan art

Pixel Art

Original Work

Personal projects featuring designs I've created

Commissioned Work

Examples of paid work for clients

Derivative Work

Personal, small-scale projects and fan art



Thesis film created in final year at SVA - animated amongst a team of 6 in pixel art


Short film animatic produced in 3nd year animation class at SVA


Short film produced in 2nd year animation class at SVA - animated in rough pixel art

RhythmJam - Mario Kart

Animated in Adobe After Effects with hand drawn pixel art

Class Assignments

Short animations made for in-class assignments at SVA


Print Designs

Designed as posters, t-shirts, etc.

Commissioned Work

Examples of paid work for clients

Personal Work

Personal, small-scale projects and fan art